Security and preparedness

iWater - Digital monitoring of water quality

The main focus of this project is to develop a digital solution to monitor freshwater quality in a variety of watercourses, with the purpose to provide Stockholm with easily accessible, clean and safe water for all inhabitants.

The aim of the project is to develop and implement a cloud-based analysis system for monitoring water quality using connected sensors.

iWater is a sub project to Digital Demo Stockholm, DDS, in which the city collaborates with businesses and academia to develop innovative solutions to real-life challenges in the municipal organization. Digital Demo Stockholm uses the Triple Helix model, that entails cooperation between public service, academy and business life. iWater is also part of Sweden’s Strategic Innovation Programs: “IoT Sweden”.


Stockholm City Council (Miljöförvaltningen), Stockholm Vatten & Avfall, Ericsson, Telia, KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm university, Linköping university, Vinnova, Formas, and The Swedish Energy Agency.
Funding: Vinnova


Vision: to secure the quality of the drinking and bathing water in Stockholm.
The project objectives are: to make water sampling more efficient, to create possibilities for finding defects in the waste water network, to create an "early warning" system for monitoring bathing and drinking water quality, and to give citizens easy access to water quality data, in order for them to keep informed about the quality of both bathing and drinking water in the city.

Urban trends & Innovations - selected learnings:

"To agree upon the time frame and identify milestones (e.g. hardware development) at a very early stage. It is essential with structure early on, before you start working, such as meeting agendas and reports. A slow start tends to make people a little ‘sleepy’ and they might lose respect for the project. Additionally, it is important to make responsibilities clear from the start and to discuss what will happen if somebody needs to leave the project. Finally, transparency - discuss all parties' individual purpose(s) and objective(s) with participating in the project.”
Maya Miltell, Stockholm City (now: RISE)

Influential Trends

Tech trends: IoT, AI – deep learning, Prototyping, Big data, Algorithm-design
Societal trends: Urbanization, Transparency, Ecosystem network

UN sustainable development goals:

This is a triple helix model to try and find out where the water is safe to drink, and where it is warm enough to swim – goal 6 Clean water and sanitation is in focus here.


Interview with Maya Miltell, Project manager and environmental investigator, environmental administration, Stockholm City Council (now project manager at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden)